Surveillance Cameras are an effective deterrent to crime. Research shows that visible surveillance cameras result in a 47% reduction in crime, while businesses that make use of security cameras are 33% less likely to have a crime at their site.

The effectiveness and comparatively low cost of surveillance cameras make them an affordable first line of security for businesses of all scales.

When choosing a surveillance camera system, the first choice you have to make is whether you want overt or covert cameras, and today we’ll be explaining precisely what that means.

Overt surveillance cameras
Overt surveillance cameras are those installed in plain sight. These cameras are often used as a deterrent to crime, acting as a highly visible reminder to any potential criminals that their actions are being recorded.

Research by SEI Security shows that the installation of overt surveillance cameras is a core part of effective situational crime prevention (SCP). SCP is a method for creating an environment in which potential perpetrators understand that they are being watched, which discourages criminal behaviour.

The use of overt surveillance cameras as part of an SCP program proactively reduces on-site crime by as much as one-third.

Covert surveillance cameras
Covert surveillance cameras are often installed in inconspicuous or deliberately hidden places. Rather than acting as a deterrent, they focus on capturing evidence of criminal behaviour for use in criminal prosecutions.

In the UK, a country with one of the highest rates of surveillance camera use in the world, 250,000 instances of crime are captured by covert surveillance cameras each year, and 29% are used as evidence in criminal prosecutions, highlighting the effectiveness of surveillance in crime prevention.

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