Long Range Surveillance

Long range surveillance equipment can recognize a face from more than 75 feet away. Similar to the human eye, long range surveillance cameras can detect movement at great distances and are able to roughly discern an item’s shape and color from afar. Long range surveillance is incredibly useful when monitoring access to barns, sheds, and gates.

Wireless Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Wireless outdoor surveillance cameras hold several advantages over wired cameras or indoor surveillance systems. Our outdoor surveillance equipment is housed in sturdy casing designed to endure every type of weather. Here are some features you can expect from Valorence surveillance equipment: 


Valorence is an American surveillance camera company offering American-made surveillance equipment with USA-based customer service and technical support. Our technicians can help you set up your equipment and software, remotely troubleshoot issues, or send technicians to repair the firmware, all included in your surveillance equipment’s warranty.

Low-Light Pole Cameras

Using the latest infrared technology, Valorence offers pole cameras that can be easily attached or moved and enable you to monitor animal and human activity in almost total darkness. Our wireless outdoor surveillance cameras record footage that has minimal graininess and exceptional color. Valorence’s IR pole cameras are long range and high resolution, clearly recording facial features and other details at extended distances.

Remotely Access Footage and Activate Alarms

Our wireless outdoor surveillance cameras stream footage remotely, so you can check your fields, livestock, and equipment from the comfort of your home or wherever you may be. Our farm security cameras feature alarms with flashing lights that can be activated remotely.

Field Tested Surveillance Equipment

All our surveillance equipment has undergone rigorous field testing, either in police investigations or the private sector. In our decades of experience in law enforcement, we’ve tested countless products for reliability, durability, and effectiveness. The surveillance equipment we provide is hand-picked to help deter crime and monitor assets.

Beyond Farm Security

Whether you’re preventing theft or keeping an eye on irrigation, you can rely on our surveillance equipment to enhance your farm’s operations. Valorence works directly with law enforcement agencies to provide high-quality surveillance equipment and support for critical security operations. We provide the same quality surveillance equipment and technical support for our clients in the private sector. Contact Valorence for more information about how our surveillance equipment can improve your farm’s security.

“Valorence is their for their clients/customers. On more than one occasion we have has the experience to contact their support line and have had our issues dealt with immediately and in a professional manner. They go above and beyond to make sure that any issues are fixed and that you are satisfied with the outcome. They also want to find out what improvements they can make to their products from the customer/user and are willing to take those suggestions and custom build a platform to your specifications.”

Captain Allan Graton

City of Laconia Police Department - New Hampshire

“We requested a 360 degree camera solution that was reasonably priced but met all of our needs. Valorence worked with us very closely and designed a custom, compact and very well thought out camera system that exceeded our expectations. The quality and workmanship is second to none.”

Detective Sergeant of Forensics Glenn Vandegrift

Bensalem Township Police Department - New Jersey

“Valorence has gone above and beyond time and time again! I have worked with a lot of companies and vendors and I can tell you now its not just me, its also our IT department that loves them just as much because Covert Law Enforcement always fix the issues we run into. When other vendors don’t support their product or they simply referred us to our own IT department.”

Detective John Pavia

Lynchburg Police Department - Virginia