Law Enforcement Surveillance Equipment

Our surveillance equipment is created for law enforcement, by law enforcement. With over 30 years of experience in law enforcement, Valorence understands what makes outstanding cameras for surveillance.

Event Management

Mobile surveillance systems provide superior oversight for a large gathering using limited manpower. Our wireless outdoor security cameras enable agencies to monitor potential issues when they can’t patrol multiple locations at an event. The versatile nature of the product make it easy to adjust to any evolving situation. 


Police training should be as similar to field experience as possible, and surveillance videos help with realistic display. Law enforcement surveillance equipment enables you to observe footage and provide training for your force without unnecessary risks.


Surveillance equipment is important at construction sites because it prevents for two main reasons: The equipment prevents and documents theft, vandalism, and other trespassing activity, and it protects you against negligence claims from clients and employees.


When the occasion requires covert surveillance equipment, trust Valorence for advanced covert technology including pole cameras and other covert long range surveillance equipment. These cameras work night and day and have incredible zoom and long distance capabilities so they can be placed in inconspicuous locations and monitored from afar.

S.W.A.T. / Warrant Service

The nature of S.W.A.T demands surveillance equipment that is reliable, with tech support at the ready. Our mobile surveillance equipment keeps you informed during critical incidents when communication is crucial.


Video surveillance is a solid means for establishing probable cause. Police use video surveillance because it provides solid evidence that can expedite a warrant in urgent scenarios, such as in the case of imminent harm or a flight risk. Video surveillance helps reduce risk to officers by understanding what is going on at a residence prior to warrant service.

Community Policing

Pole cameras provide continuous police presence which makes the streets safer. The mere presence of security cameras is a crime deterrent, and, if a crime is committed, video evidence can help reduce investigation time and increase criminal conviction.

Major Incidents

Major incidents are typically sudden and unexpected, often occurring before police are able to respond. Also, some scenarios are too difficult for police to access, such as a collapsed building. Law enforcement uses surveillance equipment to better assess the situation when close proximity is a challenge.


Surveillance equipment is an effective way to protect you against negligent insurance claims. The presence of wireless outdoor security cameras can deter criminal mischief and more serious offenses. Video evidence can also be useful in the event of a collision or crime.


Mobile surveillance is used in all aspects of border security. Having the ability to quickly move from one checkpoint to another, or being able to place a camera in one location covertly, and then move it to another location overtly as needed, is highly valuable. The dynamic surveillance allows the officers on the ground to provide the information they need to others involved in the process. .

Valorence Understands Mobile Surveillance

Whatever industry you’re in, chances are you will benefit from surveillance equipment. Whether you need to protect against lawsuits, deter crime, or engage in delicate monitoring, Valorence has the mobile surveillance equipment to help you get the job done, with outstanding technical support.