Valorence Emergency Management Camera Systems

Valorence provides a variety of emergency management camera systems capable of monitoring 24/7 for medical emergencies, police deployments, missing children, traffic monitoring for accidents, fire response teams, swat teams, and more. 

Emergency Camera Systems

During times when a rapidly functioning camera system needs to deploy, a dependable, mobile, and operable camera system is necessary. Designed to help boost situational awareness during emergencies, the emergency management camera systems offered by Valorence are ideal for high profile crimes or pre warrant services by swat teams. Enhancing law enforcement technology and police surveillance equipment, we are committed to provide high quality emergency camera systems that produce high resolution images for a variety of law enforcement or emergency teams.

Medical Emergency Surveillance Camera Systems

Protect patients, healthcare workers, and dynamic and volatile Hasmat scenes with emergency medical surveillance camera systems from Valorence. Having the potential to be solar powered, deploy these cameras on demand for as long as the emergency requires it. Monitor the interior environment or exterior of your hazmat scene so everyone involved in your emergency operations including staff, patients, and other medical personnel and management feel safe. 


Traffic Surveillance Cameras

Designed to improve traffic control and safety response, our traffic surveillance cameras are revolutionary law enforcement technology that assists in highway and road monitoring on demand. These traffic cameras can be deployed along busy roads, intersections, or at traffic signs to provide real time, accurate insights to increase overall public safety in case of an accident, bad weather, or other emergencies. 

For any additional questions about our emergency management camera systems, please contact us and one of our team members will be happy to assist you. We look forward to providing the police surveillance and emergency response surveillance cameras your team needs.