Reliable Video Surveillance for Critical Infrastructure

There are some assets, systems, and structures that are so vital to security or day to day function that they are simply critical and demand surveillance equipment. Protect critical infrastructure 24/7 with video surveillance equipment from Valorence.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure

If there were a breach in your security would it cost you a few thousand dollars in damage and stolen goods, or would it cripple your organization or even society? Certain aspects of your business, city, state, and country are so critical that if a deliberate attack on those systems were to succeed, it would cause severe complications, shut down communications, compromise proprietary intellectual property, or even cause massive loss of life. Some examples of critical infrastructure include:


Dams, roads, and bridges


Hospitals and medical facilities


Communications facilities


Water and wastewater systems




Information Technology

If you need to protect something critical, get in touch with us to speak with a qualified security and surveillance expert.

Overt Video Surveillance Systems from Valorence

Valorence has extensive experience with video surveillance equipment in hard to reach locations, with an emphasis on law enforcement and safety applications. Overt, or obvious, video surveillance equipment can be a major prevention tool to protect your business and community. We know the immense value of preventative measures, and we provide both the video surveillance tools and the knowledgeable support of a trusted safety advisor. Protecting the critical infrastructure of your organization or community is more than important, it is vital to the safety and wellbeing of those you serve. Let Valorence Mobile Surveillance help to educate, guide, and advise you as you plan to prevent with overt video surveillance.  

360° Smart Surveillance Camera Systems

The placement and angle of cameras for surveillance can make the difference between effective and ineffective video surveillance efforts. Consider utilizing smart 360° surveillance cameras from Valorence. The camera system’s control module allows remote management and manipulation of the individual camera components. In addition, the smart 360° camera systems feature statistical data, alarms and interventions in the event of an intruder, as well as remote troubleshooting capabilities. Designed to withstand a variety of environments, this camera can be used indoors or outdoors, and has protective features such as overheating and overvoltage protection.