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Exceptional Camera Surveillance Customer Service

Valorence is pleased to provide exceptional customer service and support. Our highly experienced team is available to answer any inquiry you may have about our surveillance camera systems. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to monitor and streamline day-to-day operations as well as  protect your assets from theft, grafiti, burglaries or dishonest people. 

Overt Video and Covert Video Surveillance

We are committed to provide high quality covert and overt surveillance camera systems (also known as high visibility surveillance systems) that can observe public areas such as parks, sporting events, train stations, and other community spaces that may be struggling with criminal activities. Additionally, we offer mobile surveillance systems with a range of styles and features that can be rapidly deployed at a variety of locations, and monitored in real time. 

Valorence strives to develop and provide highly sophisticated surveillance systems that are easy to use. Our surveillance systems are high resolution,  portable surveillance cameras that can be placed covertly or overtly to monitor spaces. These systems establish situational awareness to high traffic areas and the footage can be watched in real time or shared as needed with other residents, businesses, or law enforcement teams with ease. 

Our selection of surveillance cameras have been tested and approved by law enforcement professionals to ensure that we are offering you truly the highest quality selection of overt and covert security cameras for personal and professional security monitoring needs. Please do not hesitate to fill out a contact form and we will respond within a timely manner. We are your security management experts and have years of experience in providing compatible overt video surveillance and covert video surveillance camera systems.