Surveillance has become a vital tool for security and safety. Unfortunately, traditional surveillance systems come with various downsides that are getting increasingly harder to ignore. Valorence’s solar-powered surveillance systems offer a unique alternative to conventional surveillance solutions.

Here are four significant advantages of using a solar-powered surveillance system.

1. Cost-effective
A traditional surveillance system requires an electrical connection to power the cameras and other components. This typically means running cables, in addition to the cost of electricity, creating additional overhead expenses. The cost of labor and wiring can add up quickly and require a larger upfront investment. This is especially true when dealing with mobile, temporary, or semi-permanent surveillance solutions, like the ones offered by Valorence.

Mobile, permanent, semi-permanent, and remote solar-powered security systems only require access to direct sunlight, which is free of charge.

2. Constant power supply
Speaking of the Sun, solar-powered systems provide a consistent and reliable power supply. Since the system relies on sunlight to generate energy, you don’t need to worry about outages due to disruptions in the electrical grid. The system will remain powered and operational as long as the solar panels have access to direct sunlight. The batteries will charge during the daylight and keep your system running even when it’s dark.

In comparison, traditional systems would be affected by a facility-wide blackout. That could potentially leave your business vulnerable.

3. Positive environmental impact
It’s no secret that solar energy is the wave of the future. Not only is it a renewable and sustainable energy source, but it’s also environmentally friendly and free from emissions. By opting for solar-powered surveillance, you are contributing to a cleaner planet while protecting your business at the same time. Panels are also more eco-friendly than plastic or metal wiring.

4. Flexible
Since they require no wiring, Valorence systems are easy to install and can be placed almost anywhere. You don’t need to worry about drilling holes, running cables, or disrupting your operations during installation. The panels and cameras can also be moved around, allowing for a flexible configuration tailored to fit any space or security needs.

The installation is so simple that the entire system can be set up on the same day. You can add one to a large parking lot or any other remote area of your property that doesn’t necessarily have easy access to electricity.

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