With Halloween around the corner, a wave of excitement buzzes in the air. However, amidst the fun of costume parties and trick-or-treaters, the season also brings an uptick in criminal mischief.

For professionals like law enforcement sergeants and construction developers, it’s vital to not only anticipate these potential threats but actively deter them. This article focuses on the occurrence of criminal activities during Halloween and how implementing overt security equipment can deter crime.

The Alarming Crime Surge Surrounding Halloween

While Halloween brings out the playful ghosts and witches, it unfortunately attracts real-world miscreants. Reports have shown that on Halloween, violent crimes increase by 50%. The Halloweeen-day crimes mostly involve property crimes like vandalism, trespassing, theft, and violent crimes.

The Efficacy of Overt Security Equipment

There’s ample data to indicate the effectiveness of overt security systems in deterring potential criminals. Some notable examples include:

  • A study published in the Economic Journal that highlighted the impact of surveillance cameras in the Stockholm subway system. These cameras played a pivotal role in reducing planned crimes such as robbery and pickpocketing by around 25% at various stations.
  • A study by the Justice Quarterly Journal which emphasized the positive implications of CCTV cameras in public spaces in Philadelphia. The introduction of these cameras was directly associated with a 13% decrease in overall crime in target areas like public car parks.

Valorence’s Solutions to Enhance Halloween Safety

At Valorence Mobile Surveillance, we prioritize public safety and have crafted an array of surveillance solutions perfect for the Halloween season. These include:

  • Dual Purpose Modular (DPM) surveillance system: The DPM system is versatile in its deployment and ensures high visibility. Whether on a pole, wall, or vehicle, its design actively discourages illicit activities. Its flashing lights are a potent symbol of vigilance.
  • 360° surveillance system: This is ideal for monitoring large gatherings, intersections, or expansive areas. It provides a comprehensive view, ensuring no corner goes unwatched.
  • Solar-powered surveillance system: This eco-friendly system is operational 24/7 and perfect for a range of applications, from commercial spaces to law enforcement operations.

Step Up Your Security This Halloween

As the Halloween season approaches, stay one step ahead of potential threats and keep communities and your premises safe by implementing overt security systems.

At Valorence, we’re proud to be part of this crime prevention mission. We offer overt and covert surveillance systems and the software you need to maximize the benefits of mobile, remote security equipment. Contact us today to learn how we can enhance your security measures this Halloween season and beyond.