Reliable Surveillance Equipment

for Remote Disaster Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of disaster scenes from a safe distance can be achieved with Valorence’s durably-made mobile surveillance equipment.

Mobile Surveillance in the Moments that Matter Most

Mobile security cameras and powered monitoring systems from Valorence can be extremely beneficial, and sometimes crucial, during disaster situations. Valorence surveillance systems can quickly and easily move with and into disaster scenarios. Long-range surveillance capabilities allow for remote monitoring from a safe location. Real-time video feeds give accurate disaster progress to assist in directing a proper response to the situation. During the disaster recovery period, continued monitoring with our surveillance equipment can help strengthen the community’s sense of safety and security, deter crime, and record recovery progress.

Dependable, Built-tough Surveillance Equipment and Solar Powered Systems

All power and surveillance equipment offered through Valorence is durable, weather-resistant, and made to last. Our cameras are made for long-range surveillance with remote capabilities such as manipulating the individual camera components, toggling the flashing red lights feature or the speaker horn (found on the trailer surveillance systems), alarms for potential issues, and troubleshooting from afar.

We also equip our systems with temperature control and overheating protection. Valorence’s solar energy system furthers the remote capabilities of our mobile security cameras by powering the surveillance equipment even when traditional power systems are not available–which is more highly likely in disaster scenarios. Our trailer option adds speed and ease to the mobility of our cameras and includes the solar power system with its benefits.

Modular Surveillance Equipment

The Dual Purpose Modular (DPM) Surveillance System is built with a heavy duty aluminum enclosure for light weight durable deployment and storage. The camera can be covered for covert deployment, or it can be exposed with flashing lights for high visability deployments. The DPM is a highly versatile tool that is great for natural and man-made disasters.


Valorence’s surveillance options offer 360-degree coverage, ensuring an all-encompassing view for comprehensive monitoring. Our systems are expertly designed to provide complete visual awareness in every direction, reducing the number of blind spots in your coverage.


Experience unparalleled security and surveillance mobility with Valorence’s state-of-the-art mobile surveillance trailer. This cutting-edge solution integrates a robust all-in-one solar powered system with advanced mobile security cameras, ensuring continuous operation in any environment. Designed for ease of transportation and rapid deployment, our trailer is the epitome of security, efficiency, and reliability when it is needed most.


In the face of emergencies, reliable power is crucial. Our systems offer a sustainable and robust energy solution, ensuring uninterrupted operations even in the most challenging conditions. These solar power systems are easy to deploy and provide a consistent power supply for the critical communication and surveillance equipment. Trust in our technology to keep your team powered and prepared, reinforcing our mission to support life-saving efforts with innovative, dependable solutions.