As the holiday season approaches, businesses brace themselves for an unintended consequence of the festive period: an increase in theft and property crime. This rise in holiday theft isn’t merely anecdotal.

It is substantiated by quantifiable data showing a consistent uptick in larcenies during this period and the true costs of holiday theft. This article sheds light on the unsettling statistics of holiday theft across various sectors and explores how overt security measures can mitigate these challenges.

Rising Tide of Holiday Thefts: A Statistical Insight

The following statistics and trends show the alarming escalation of thefts during the festive holiday season across different sectors:
Retail Rampage

The holiday season witnesses a surge in shoplifting arrests. The crowded aisles provide ample opportunities for thieves to shoplift or target unsuspecting shoppers.

Construction Site Vulnerabilities

Holiday seasons often mean extended site closures in the construction sector. This lack of activity can make construction sites enticing for unauthorized access, rendering them vulnerable to theft and vandalism.

Home Burglaries

According to the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), there’s an approximate 20% spike in robberies and larcenies every December. Another report shows that 83,000 burglaries occur during the holiday season, particularly in December, making up 8.1% of all annual crimes.

The Cost of Holiday Theft

The financial ramifications of holiday theft are significant, with an estimated $130.5 million of value lost to holiday burglaries. The holidays seem to amplify the severity of crimes, with the average theft costing $2,891, a figure that’s 5% higher than the average loss on other days, which stands at $2,740.

Overt Security: A Proactive Approach to Loss Prevention

In the battle against holiday theft, overt security cameras have emerged as a beacon of hope. The visible presence of these cameras can dissuade potential criminals from attempting theft or vandalism, as they send a clear message to criminals: they’re being watched.

High-quality overt security cameras like those provided by Valorence feature onboard analytics. They make it easy to actively monitor and notify you of issues to be aware of. The high-resolution recordings of these cameras also provide evidence in the event of theft, aiding in the identification and prosecution of culprits.

For the best results in loss prevention related to holiday theft, it’s best to use overt security cameras alongside other measures. These include having well-lit exteriors, securing entry points, installing alarm systems, and leveraging a neighborhood watch program.

Stay on Top of Holiday Theft with Overt Security Systems

The costs of holiday theft are undeniable, both financially and emotionally. However, with proactive measures such as installing overt security cameras, individuals and businesses can enjoy a safer festive season.

For those looking for state-of-the-art security solutions, Valorence offers high-quality security cameras designed to monitor and deter crime. Contact Valorence to protect your premises and your peace of mind this holiday season.